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SprayClad® is a liquid spray-on metallized coating system that produces the look and appeal of polished or plated metal, without the high cost and labor. Applied in a spray booth using conventional spray equipment, it's possible to produce dramatic effects on wheels, bumpers, dashboards ... wherever a metallic finish is desired. The coating’s appearance is so versatile, it can simulate a wide range of finishes from brightly polished to satin nickel finishes. SprayClad Metallic Finishes can be applied to metal, wood, glass and a variety of plastics. When back-sprayed on glass or clear plastic, it can produce a very dramatic near-mirror finish.

SprayClad is suitable for use on a variety of vehicle applications and can be baked or air dried depending on the vehicle chosen.

Metallizing with SprayClad is accomplished in three steps. First, a gloss black primer coat is applied to the prepared substrate. Then, a liquid Metallizing coat is applied, followed by a clear or toned topcoat. The substrate surface should be as smooth as possible to create a polished metal look. Next, it’s important that the base coat is smooth and glossy since the Metallizing coat will mimic what’s underneath. If the base coat is flat, the Metallizing coat will appear as a flat finish. If the base coat is semi-gloss, the Metallizing coat will appear as a semi-gloss finish. If special care is taken in preparation and application, the results will be spectacular!

SprayClad has been widely used in the automotive industry and has found great success as a chrome alternative for wheels — tough duty for any finish. It can also be used for bumpers, grills, custom graphics, trim, tanks and accessories. SprayClad’s uses are only limited by your imagination.

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