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Use on any substrate, great success on vehicle parts but will work on hardware, sculptures, plastic, you name it.

Sprayclad logo
Sprayclad is a liquid spray-on metallized coating system that produces the look and appeal of polished or plated metal, without the high cost and labor.

VARIcolor logo

Varicolor is one of the hottest looks in vehicle finishes today! It changes colors when viewed from different angles, so a curved surface will appear as several distinct colors at a single glance and ripple through a transition of glittering hues as it passes by.

Crystal Coat

CrystalCoat offers a new dimension in an outstanding sparkling finish. The high brillance and gloss of the coatings offer unique styling possibilities when viewed in sunlight. The reflective nature of CrystalCoat is sure to catch your eye.


Nikolas Vehicle Coatings is a division of G.J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. We have been manufacturing quality coatings since 1890 and we continue to provide our customers with creative and innovative products. As new markets emerge, Nikolas is ready to respond with new technologies to satisfy any requirement.

There are no short cuts taken in our manufacturing process, every batch is lab tested to meet the high standards our customers have come to expect from us. Our vehicle coatings line is no exception to this long tradition. You can rely on the fact that we make every batch ourselves and stand behind our products.

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