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One of the hottest looks in vehicle finishes today is embodied in the VariColor Line of Coatings. It changes colors when viewed from different angles, so a curved surface will appear as several distinct colors at a single glance and ripple through a transition of glittering hues as it passes by. The colors and effects change with different lighting and angles. VariColor is available in a variety of lines to fit the needs of your project.

VariColor Transparent -
VCT VariColor is similar to candy color finishes in that the color coat is fully transparent. Therefore, the base coat under the VariColor is almost completely visible. It is not difficult to coat small to medium size parts with transparent colors, however large parts can be challenging. This is because lap marks resulting from multiple passes with the spray gun will build heavier than the center of the pass. The lap areas will dry with a thicker film and result in a darker shade of color or dark streaks. Runs and pooled areas will also appear darker. To avoid this, the transparent color should be applied by using many thin coats, slowly building up to the final color. Each coat should be applied perpendicular to the previous coat, with as many as eight coats needed to produce a uniform final color.

The most dramatic effect of the coating is achieved by using a jet black basecoat. While other basecoats can be used, they tend to compete with the effect pigment, and distract from its brilliance. This is because black reflects no color and allows the VariColor to be fully viewed. VariColor Transparent (VCT) dries to a high gloss finish and does not require a clear coat. However, clear top coats can be used for added durability and extra UV protection. Nikolas Vehicle Coatings makes high quality clear coats for your project or you can use what you have worked with in the past.

VariColor Opaque -
VCO VariColor Opaque is engineered to allow a fully opaque finish to be produced in two to three coats, while maintaining the multi color effect. This system is very useful when coating large items like semi tractors where itís not practical to apply many coats. It can be used the same as any opaque color coat, however, because of its high pigment loading, will always dry to a semi gloss or flat finish. If high gloss is desired, apply at least two coats of a high quality clear coat. Because of its higher pigment loading, most VCO systems are more costly than VariColor Transparent (VCT).

VariColor Max -
VC Max VariColor Max is manufactured with effect pigment which shifts to at least five distinct colors. Some versions shift to as many as eight colors. While this system offers the maximum amount of effect, it also carries a premium price. Like VariColor Transparent (VCT), VariColor Max is also available in opaque versions designated as Max VCO.

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