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G.J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. offers a variety of additives to further customize and enhance our materials.

Flat Ayd
Nikolas Flat Ayd is a liquid silicate flattener used to alter the gloss of coatings. This material is available in both conventional and low VOC forms. Flat Ayd can easily be stirred into a coating to vary the sheen from gloss down to a dead flat and anywhere in between.

Mar Mix
Mar Mix is a liquid material that is used to promote flow and scratch resistance of the coating. This is a stir in type usually requiring 1 to 4 ounces of Mar Mix per gallon to obtain the desired effect.

ADM & #11 Plasticizer
ADM & #11 Plasticizer are both used to promote adhesion of the coating and flexibility. Both grades are liquid stir in types. Both materials will increase the gloss of the coating.

#1121-B Purple Dye Testing Solution
Nikolas #1121-B Purple Dye Testing Solution is used as a means to check clear work that has been lacquered for sufficient film protection against tarnishing. Most parts tested in this manner are small parts that have been dipped or centrifuged. Sample pieces are dipped into the dye testing solution and then rinsed with water. If the work shows a light purple color, this indicates the piece is lacquered.

Black Light Indicator
Black Light Indicator can be used as a check for sufficient film protection in clear films. This material can be incorporated into the clear coating at time of manufacture or as a post add at the application site. Upon drying, the lacquered article can be examined under black light to indicate complete coating.

Adhesion Promoters
G.J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. manufactures a variety of adhesion promoters for different adhesion problems. Please check with our sales department for recommendations for specific problems relating to adhesion.

Prior to full production use, the above mentioned products must be evaluated for suitability in actual coating and application processes.