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There are many metals that do not lend themselves to coatings that would normally have good adhesion. Among these are white bronze and aluminum, plated finishes such as chrome or cadmium, and steel. A primer will help obtain maximum adhesion to these hard to finish surfaces. If you don't see the primer you need, please check with one of our representatives.

#6574 Clear Epoxy Primer RFU:
#6574 is a clear primer that is to be used as a base coat for either air dry lacquer, synthetic or baked enamel on metals to obtain the maximum adhesion. #6574 is supplied ready for use and should not be further reduced. It can be dipped or sprayed and will air dry in 5 minutes at room temperature. We would not recommend this primer for exterior applications as epoxies tend to yellow over time.

Zinc Chromate Primer:
74-734/74-735 Metal Pretreatment is for use on bare or raw aluminum and steel only. This is a phosphate activated metal treatment that provides excellent adhesion to any coating and prevents under-creepage of rust when protective coating is damaged. Finished coat must be applied before exposing this primer to weather.

#12948 White Primer:
This material is ideally suited for the artificial fishing lure industry in that adhesion to lead and cork are excellent. The coating is designed with inherent flexibility and will also adhere well to a variety of other metal, plastic and wood surfaces. Additional benefits include, quick drying, water resistant, and non-yellowing.

Oxide Primer:
We offer this material in 4 basic colors: #9263 Red, #9463 Black, #9503 White, and #9499 Yellow. Nikolas Oxide Primers offer excellent adhesion to cold rolled steel and to wood for fast setup and quick dry-to-touch times. They are very durable with excellent resistance to water, stains, humidity, and wear. They can be air dried, force dried or baked and may be used with all types of application equipment. They may also be sanded if desired.

#8321 or #11565 Clear Lacquer:
These two products are sometimes used as a clear primer under our #9778 Uralac (2 part urethane) to provide good adhesion and to allow the #9778 to be removed as easily as a reversible coating while still providing the added chemical and weather resistance.