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To the discriminating collector and restorer, insuring the value of an antique asset depends largely on creating a the best possible protective finish. That is why many have consistently turned to G.J.Nikolas Co., Inc. to get the job done right. Nikolas coatings have been utilized to protect high profile antiques throughout the world for over a century.

Recommended Coatings For Antiques

Clear Lacquers
Conventional Coatings
Conventional Coatings
Century Brass Lacquer RFU
Pigmented Nikolac
#11470 Clear Epoxy RFU
Compliant Coatings
Compliant Coatings
#12666 2.3 Clear California Coat RFU
Pigmented Eco-Borne™
#12595 4.3 Brass-Coat Bake RFU
#12667 2.8 Clear Eco-Thane

A full line of toners is available to highlight the finish of your lamps and lighting fixtures.