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Enhance the look of table lamps, brass fixtures and decorative lighting while adding valuable protection with coatings specially formulated for the lighting industry. G.J.Nikolas Co. has served the lighting industry for over 100 years so you can depend on our coatings for excellent performance and long life on solid brass, brass plate, aluminum and white metal. You also may want to consider highlighting your polished brass with our toners, a popular choice for quality lighting manufacturers worldwide.

Recommended Coatings For Lighting Manufacturers

Clear Lacquers
Conventional Coatings
Conventional Coatings
#2105 Clear Silver Lacquer
Pigmented Nikolac
Century Brass Lacquer RFU
#11470 Clear Epoxy RFU
Compliant Coatings
Compliant Coating
Pigmented Eco-Borne™
#12666 2.3 Clear California Coat RFU
#12595 4.3 Brass-Coat Bake RFU
# 12667 2.8 Clear Eco-Thane

A full line of toners is available to highlight the finish of your lamps
and lighting fixtures.