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Hardware, watches, clocks, fans, picture frames, cash registers, statues, lamps, chandeliers, antiques and nautical instruments can all benefit from G.J.Nikolas Co. coatings. In many cases, you will be using the same coating the manufacturer used when your antique was produced. That's because our coatings today contain the same high quality raw materials we were using over a century ago. We have specially formulated coatings for sterling silver, gold plate, silver plate, brass, copper and bronze that look good and provide a long lasting protective finish.

Recommended Coatings For Musical Instruments

Clear Lacquers
Cleaning Solvents
Conventional Coatings
& Strippers
Century Brass Lacquer - Interior
#70 Cleaning Thinner
#12164 OD Lacquer RFU - Exterior
#11645 Cleaning Thinner
#2105 Clear Silver Lacquer - Interior
#11025 Stripper
#8321 Clear Exterior Lacquer
Compliant Coatings
& Metallic Coatings
#12667 2.8 Clear Eco-Thane
Duotones (Metallic) / Opaque
#12666 2.3 Clear California Coat RFU
Nikolac / Eco-Borne™
#12595 4.3 Brass-Coat Bake RFU