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Buttons, costume jewelry, rings, key chains, fobs, buckles, chains, medallions, military insignia and religious artifacts all show up better when protected with G.J.Nikolas Co. coatings. We have specially formulated coatings for sterling silver, gold plate, silver plate, brass, copper and bronze that enhance eye appeal with a great looking finish. We have a long history of providing quality coatings to the jewelry and apparel industries.

Recommended Coatings For Musical Instruments

Clear Lacquers
Conventional Coatings
#11470 Clear Epoxy RFU
Century Brass Lacquer RFU
#2105 Clear Silver Lacquer *
#8321 Clear Exterior Lacquer *
(Specially formulated for Silver Plate)
*Also available in aerosol.
Compliant Coatings
#14708 Clear WB Eco-Thane
#12595 4.3 Brass-Coat Bake RFU
#12666 2.3 Clear California Coat RFU
#12667 2.8 Clear Eco-Thane