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It's easy to find G.J.Nikolas Co. coatings protecting high profile metal surfaces throughout the United States. Banks, hotels, opera houses, theaters, historic buildings, cruise ships, statues, monuments, mausoleums and museums all depend on our coatings to maintain and enhance the metal surfaces on their buildings. Lincoln's tomb, the Smith-sonian Air & Space Museum, various state capitals and the Lyric Opera House are just a few examples of structures employing our coatings.

Recommended Coatings For Metal Maintenance

Clear Lacquers
Cleaning Solvent and Strippers
Conventional Coatings
#70 Cleaning Thinner
Century Lacquer - Interior
#11645 Cleaning Thinner
#11565/12164 OD - Lacquer RFU
#11025 Stripper
#11533 - Non MC Stripper
Compliant Coatings
Pigmented/Metallic Coatings
#12247 Eco-Borne WB Brass-Coat
Duotones (Metallic)
#12666 2.3 Clear California Coat RFU
Opaques / Nikolac / Toners / Opaques
# 12667 2.8 Clear Eco-Thane